Big Rooftop in Bali

In Bali, I've seen a lot of big relaxing houses under shining sun light. All of them surrounded by overwhelming greens around them.

Still remember the feeling of the air of very hot and summery south country there.

Street of Cieszyn

Cieszyn is a lovely town, just on the border between Poland and Czech. Beautiful shops sit side by side along.
I like the colors of those shop buildings and the sun light there.

Sunflower of Daijingu

As flower of summer, yellow petal of sunflower is circular around like orange rays of sunshine.

On each table in the tearoom of Tokyo Daijingu, blue glass flower vase sit, with one sun light for each.

Guardian Goats

In the temple of Thailand, so many Guardian Animals are set to protect the each path to the holy spiritual area.

This case, the guardian statues are a pair of Goats. Not so scary but look so determined.

Boat in Bangkok

To across the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, Thailand, so many boats keep coming and go so busy way.

Especially to go across to the beautiful temple over there, number of tourists enjoy riding on the big boats.

I prefer to take small boats, which run through very quickly to the other side of the river,  like the taxi running over the water.

Honey Mead

Miod Pitny is the liquor made from honey. Very old style of mead invented in Poland long long time ago. One of the oldest spirits made by human beings.

At the first time to taste this sweet brown drink, I think I'll never forget this color and aroma of mysteries spirit.

House of Jim Thompson

Beautiful red colored house, in Bangkok. Once owned by the Thailand Silk industry founder Jim Thompson. He has been mysteriously disappeared during his adventure in Asian jungle. I like the way of Thai wind come through those trapezoid shape window of his house and I liked the carp fish swimming in his pond.